The world of Animal Crossing is a delightful place.
You are plopped down into a world and told "Hey, here are the rules of this place: go live a life". You can grow an orchard, make friends, and improve this new place you call home by doing things like pulling weeds or planting flowers. 
Or you can spend money.
Lots of it.
Now, I love this game to bits. And, after playing for almost a decade, I began to wonder, "How does money in the game work? I mean, how does it REALLY work?" 
So, I did what any good academic would do: RESEARCH.
After four months of tracking, experimentation, and nightmares about turnips, I'm ready to share my findings. ​​​​​​​

This project took a lot of hard work and research and would not have been possible without my Patreon supporters. It is available to download for free, but there is also a "Pay What You Want" option if you'd like to help support more projects like this. 
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